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t value and taste". It ta〓kes about 20 days for a sapling to reach maturity in the lab, but 40 to〓 60 days in a conventional farm. This means scientists can reap more th〓an a dozen harvests of produce eaf

ch year, compared with one to two harv〓ests from a conventional farms, depending on the weather conditions, he〓 said. Moreover, scientists at the facility have built the infrastruct〓ure to monitor the elements in the solution. Once an element is deplete〓d, scientist can add the missing nutrient and reuse the soluf

tion withou〓t needing to make a new batch, thus reducing the cost. "We go to great〓 length to study and cater to our plant's most fundamental needs, makin〓g sure they could grow under the best conditions," Pei said. "In a way,〓 the plants are the kings, andh

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